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Additional Services

Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali also offers the following additional services:


In the Lobby area on the first floor of The Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali, there is a specialized-products pharmacy with eye care products such as: eyedrops, cleansing liquid for contact lenses, general supplies, etc., so patients can readily and easily get medications and fill their prescriptions at affordable prices with the required quality controls for adequate medication management, in addition to individual and customized advice on the use of any prescribed medications.


On the fourth floor of our headquarters building, we have an auditorium with capacity for 200 people, where all academic, clinical events and activities in general take place.
It is equipped with modern audiovisual aids and devices like a video beam, overhead projector, slide projector, DVD, microphone, etc.
Our “Health Quality Forum” and the “Continuing Education Course in Ophthalmology for Medical Practitioners” take place annually in this auditorium and also the biannually-held “International Ophthalmology Course”, as well as a series of field-specific activities that generate large numbers in attendance.


On the fifth floor we have a specialized-documentation centre in Ophthalmology, unique in the south-west region of Colombia. The library has the latest publications, research articles and essays in books, magazines and CDs. It is managed by a full-time librarian with vast experience and knowledge in the field.

The Documentation Centre is a valuable tool and provides much-needed support for medical students, residents and physicians in general. It also serves as the fundamental basis for our Medical Group to help them and to prepare their lectures for conferences, seminars, workshops and all types of academic events.

Experimental Laboratory

With the aim of promoting research in the area of Ophthalmology, the Clinic has the very first Experimental Laboratory in the city, where resident doctors can perform clinical practices in order to acquire and develop expertise in the different surgical techniques and advanced studies of this branch of medicine.

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