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New Diabetes and Eye Health Unit


This service was created to help people who suffer from eye diseases related to Diabetes Mellitus. Today, many of our patients have severe visual impairment as a result of this disease and we decided to provide them with a dedicated specialized unit for the comprehensive treatment of their health needs.

Medical Attention Model:

We perform an adequate control for diabetic patients with visual impairment relying on an expert group of specialists in the following areas:




These health professionals make an assessment of the ocular condition in diabetic patients; They keep track according to how compromised is the Retina establishing an individualized management plan. Ophthalmologists usually refer the patient to a Retina specialist to diagnose and/or consider as an option a surgical procedure.

Internal Medicine.

The Internist doctor creates a management plan for patients diagnosed with Diabetes, which includes monitoring the treatment, periodic checks with laboratory tests so that the condition is managed and under control, and to avoid any further complications.


It’s focused individually on children and adult patients. The Endocrinologist doctor is responsible for scheduling and managing insulin intake on patients with Diabetes Type I, complementing the treatment performed by physicians Internists.


We have Nutritionists who are responsible for performing a comprehensive evaluation in this important area and according to the outcome, a plan is designed based on the needs of each patient in order to maintain an optimal metabolic state through dieting, better lifestyle choices and healthy eating.


Our group of educators is responsible for following up and monitoring patients and their families throughout the treatment plan established by professionals. Similarly, they provide the necessary educational support and motivate patients to enjoy an optimal quality of life despite an illness.


Biomedical Technology.

This unit features cutting-edge biomedical equipment for the treatment of medical conditions such as:

Inbody 170



A device that performs a complete and accurate study of the nutritional condition of a patient.  Similarly, it measures and analyzes muscle and segmental fat in 30 seconds. Its thermal printer makes it possible to offer extensive results in an easy-to-read and practical report.



The Cardio Perfect electrocardiograph is a high-tech equipment machine which allows us to do electrocardiograms in a quick, reliable and secure manner.


Micro-insulin pump



Devices that automatically apply this hormone based on the patient’s needs at different times of the day. Thus, it is possible to remotely control the operation of the pump and deliver the bolus of insulin effectively.

OCT Scanner


It allows us to perform a study of histological sections of the Retina.  It also makes possible a deep analysis of the posterior segment of the Retina, Macula and its relations with the vitreous and choroid.



  • The damage to the Retina caused by diabetes is called Diabetic Retinopathy. It is estimated that 40% of diabetics have some degree of retinopathy.
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults between 20 and 72 years old. Another complication associated with diabetes is diabetic macular edema. The macula is the area of the retina that is responsible for the vision of detail, color and reading.
  • A diabetic person suffers a decrease in vision 25 times higher than other persons

For more information and to schedule an appointment at this unit, Please contact us at:  (57) (2) 5110200, Option 2.

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